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Room Addition

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We cannot emphasize space enough when looking at room additions in your home. For every homeowner, one of the most important things is having more space. You realize that enough space is never enough, especially when you have a growing family. Therefore, a room addition is an important element in creating more space for the laundry room, baby room, or other things you need for the room. But unfortunately, many people can pull off a room addition without affecting the aesthetics and architectural design of the home. We are extremely thrilled for us at 1st Choice Builders because you are adding a new room to the house. Whether it is welcoming a new baby or making room for a new home office, we can ensure the room addition is impeccable. Furthermore, you get a ton of space for all the items.

We Plan every move we make

The thing about room addition is adequate planning and visualization of how things should be. Now, for us, we never rush into a project such as room addition. Why? The reason is simple, we believe in the long-term effect. 1st choice Builders will weigh the pros and cons and visualize the best way to add the room to the house without affecting the design and overall glamour.

With the right people handling the room addition for your home, your home value will increase a whole lot more. This is why planning is imperative; with the right techniques employed in room addition, your home can look even more attractive. Thereby enticing buyers and even giving you a feeling that you never thought could be there.

Are you looking for an extra source of income? If yes, we can help you add a room to your home, which you can rent out. If you own a home close to a university or a bust part of town, this could be great for you. However, the room addition has to be done well to attract people. At 1st Choice Builders, regardless of the purpose of your room addition, we ensure that the place is conducive enough for human living and interaction.

We can help you expand the kitchen layout or even turn your attic into a man cave; whatever style you want to add more to your home, we can help you get it done. Finding a building company that can help with your various room addition needs can be grueling in a place saturated by many companies. However, our track record of adding rooms to the most complicated of buildings precedes us. Therefore, bring in the projects, and we can ensure that you will be satisfied before your imagination.

With our design experts, you have many options to choose from, as we’ll always recommend the best solutions to room addition for your home.

If you are looking for a 100% quality room addition service in San Jose, you should get in touch with 1st Choice Builders. Call us today at (669) 251-5761 to set an appointment and start your project as soon as possible.