Home Additions

Expand Your Rooms

You might have been happy with the amount of space your home originally came with.  However times change, as do your space demands within your home. 1st Choice Builders can build new rooms in your home from the ground up.

New Bathroom

As your household size grows, one or two bathrooms may simply not be enough. 

Bigger Kitchen

Do you find yourself cooking frequently, but wishing you had a little more space?

Bedroom Addition

Are your cramming for space to add beds.  Don’t worry, OCA Builders can help.


The mood of your home is crucial for a happy family.  Extra light instantly changes that mood.

Dormer Addition

Dormers are like the eyes of a home. Resting on rooftops, they add headroom and light.


Floor Plans

Exact floor plans are helpful for planning a variety of home expansions.

Bigger Rooms Are Better

1st Choice Builders prides itself for its effectiveness in taking advantage of every square foot of your property while having accessible prices to make that happen.  Space demands change as life itself changes.  Having a remodeling company that you trust is important for meeting those demands.

Home Addition Projects

Check out our home addition projects so that you can get an idea of how our remodeling process works from beginning to end.