Full Remodel

What is a full remodel?

A full remodel otherwise known as a complete remodel. One of the main questions home owners or a prospecting home buyer might wonder is how much would it cost to completely renovate a house? It really depends on what customizing you would like, what type of materials will be used.

Partner with a pro.

You Have Options

Remodeling your home can be financed in order to make payment much more accesible. This can be a valuable investment considering home improvements and remodels are able to increase value of your property. If you need help with financing please let us know. We are happy to offer financing solutions to you, our client.

What does it Include?

A full renovation can be broken up into two parts. Those being, the seen and unseen. Let’s start with the aspects of remodeling that you can’t distinguish as much when the project is complete.

Demolition: The start to every complete remodel/renovation is to demolish the existing structure.

Foundation: This is the most un-sexy of all the complete remodeling work. There can be major issues if this is not done properly and expensive.

Framing: Is the skeleton of the house, just like the human body you will not be able to see the bones of the house. If you can see the skeleton of your home please contact your local pro general contractor. 

Wiring: The electrical system that runs through the home, this is were you would see outlets to plugin your electronics.   

Plumbing: This system allows for the disposal of waste. Also bringing in water for showering, cooking brushing your teeth. 

Appearance Is Important

These are the details that will definitely stand out once OCA Builders completes your project, also known as seen.

Sheet Rock: Sheet rock is all around your its the material that makes up the walls in your home. 

Painting: The color and texture is what gives character and style to your room.

Flooring: This greatly influences the way your home looks and feels. 

Roofing: Without a roof its not a home, just four walls. 

Ready For Sale

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